Quickbooks is financial accounting software which means some technical errors can attack it from time to time. These errors affect the system and users as they have to put a halt to their crucial work. But to help its users, the software company Intuit designed various applications and tools within the software to counter errors. One such efficient tool inside the software is “Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool”. It helps users to rectify numerous errors that stop the users from using software smoothly.

This tool is accessible for free and inbuilt integrated. What can be better than getting a repairing tool inbuilt and for free. Issues such as 6000 and H series errors, Quickbooks freezes can be rectified using it. Also networking and multi-user problems, etc can be easily repaired with this tool. 

Errors That QB Connection Diagnostic Tool Fixes

Errors That Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Fixes

The following are some of the issues on which you can use the Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

  • You can’t connect with the QuickBooks database.
  • Invalid installation of a Firewall problem.
  • Blank/Missing Vendors and Customers’ names in the list.
  • Missing/blank/lost entries in the QB Employees Lists.
  • Damaged files existence in the system.
  • The keyboard and mouse are not responding properly.
  • Window halts.
  • A virus is affecting QB files.
  • Error messages are continuously popping on the screen.

Circumstances When Diagnostic Tool can be Used

Circumstances When Diagnostic Tool can be Used

Below mentioned are few issues after which this repair tool should be used:

  • When Firewall is not appropriately working due to compatibility issues with Quickbooks.
  • To repair damaged files.
  • The tool can be utilized to update the missing entries inside the employees’ list.
  • To enter the empty vendor as well as a customer list.
  • Diagnosing errors while working in the Multi-user mode.
  • To provide permission to the QB database along with rectifying the errors taking place in QB Database Server Manager.
  • When a virus attacks your system.

Install and Download of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

Install and Download of QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 

Note: The process needs some system requirements: The software only works on- Windows 10, 7, XP, and Vista. Also, it is compatible with the 2008 QB version, enterprise Solution 8.0, or further. Moreover, your system should have an intact Microsoft component as well as a C++ framework structure. 

The steps for downloading and installing Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool are:

  • Uninstall the QuickBooks previous version.
  • Reinstall it.
  • Open Intuit’s website. Here browse QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
  • Once you see it, download the tool followed by saving it.
  • Navigate to that location where you downloaded it and tap twice on it.
  • After it, your screen will pop an installation window.
  • Obey the screen instructions agreeing to the respective terms and conditions.
  • Choose “Finish” to conclude the installation process.
  • Moving on, search the file, then keep it in the system’s C drive.
  • If you can’t access the repairing tool, just tap twice on its icon. Do it by going to the location where you had saved the tool.
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Using The “QB Connection Diagnostic Tool” Tabs

Using The “QB Connection Diagnostic Tool” Tabs

There are certain tabs inside Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool that serve different purposes. Just tap on the tool to make it run first and follow the next instructional steps:

Diagnose Connection Tab: This tab helps you to test the setup of your PC to ensure that company files are easy to access from the system you are using.

Firewall Status: You can view details about the Firewall in this tab. Also, you have the authority to modify its settings at your convenience.

Test Connectivity: This tab assists users to test the computer’s connectivity. 

Checking the Connectivity in the Workstation

  • Firstly, tap on the button beside your Company File. 
  • Select the option named- “Test Connectivity”.
  • Once the process is concluded, one of the two icons will appear, red or green. You will see the “Green” color when the error is successfully rectified. If you see the “Red” one then the error still exists.
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Final Words

After going through this informative post, your problem will be forever gone. You can use Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool effectively to rectify most of the QB errors. This post contains the errors that this tool is capable to fix. Along with it, you learn the procedure of downloading, installing, and using it. 

However, you must use an authentic Intuit site to download this repairing tool to prevent any fraud or uninvited issues. For any assistance, you can dial the QB toll-free number which is 24*7 available. 

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